What Men Are Saying About WACMM...
"I just wanted you to know that I think your WACMM email/internet "newsletter" is consistently the best resource on the net--on a personal and updated basis--that I know of for ministering to men.  Keep up the great work!  I greatly appreciate receiving it." - Stu Weber

"...this is one of, if not the best, email newsletter I have ever seen sent out by a men's ministry." - Ike N.  

"I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I just love your content and format of this newsletter. I find myself devouring it as soon as it hits my inbox." - David

"This past Novembers conference was amazing. All the content that was available to us was great and the selection of speakers seemed to have been given a lot of thought. So thank you for putting together such an amazing event for the men in this area." - Michael

"The event was very encouraging and inspiring. In addition to having a terrific program and speakers, the execution was flawless. I know that doesn’t happen "The event was very encouraging and inspiring. In ! Many thanks to you and your team of men." - John

"I attended my first WACMM conference in Randallstown, MD. I went by myself. I was inspired and challenged by Dr. Tony Evans and the other speakers of the day. Over the years I have told brothers from my church about WACMM and have attended subsequent conferences with a few of them. Yesterday, (11/07/15) ten of us were at McLean Bible. Afterwards, the four of us who were riding together, discussed what God pressed into each of our hearts from the various sessions. We even stopped at Mike’s American Grill (not at the bar) and continued to have honest/transparent conversation. The koinonia was palpable. I expressed to the guys what we were experiencing should be the norm not the exception. While we were discussing how do we pick up the ball and be impactful within our realms of influence, the word “intentional” kept surfacing. We each want the conference to be a catalyst for building depth within and among men in our local church with the understanding that it starts in yielding our own hearts and minds to the Holy Spirit. I am looking forward to having conversations with the other brothers from my church who attended. I thank you and those who faithfully serve with you for setting the stage for the rest of us to hear from God. Your efforts are not in vain. You are in my prayers." - Ernest.

"We had an awesome time [at the conference]. What great messages. A few of us came up Friday evening and had dinner then fellowship back at the hotel. Four of us stopped for dinner on the way home Saturday and talked about what we had heard and what it meant to us. Truly,a blessed and appointed day. Thank you and all the guys at WACCM for all the work it must take for an event like this". - John

"I LOVE your newsletters! They are a blessing to me every time I get one. You do excellent work for the Kingdom!" - Don

"I read your web site regularly for inspiration". - Ike

"This is one of your best newsletters yet. Really well done. I especially appreciated the Ed Stetzer - LifeWay interview and the Dude Perfect clip. You're my Newsletter Hero." - Ron

"I appreciate the time, thought, effort and prayer you put into [your newsletters]. Obviously a labor of love, and I'm confident it's fruitful. In addition to the great array of articles and thoughts, the "free resources" are great tools for myself and for passing along to others. As you know, they are on-target for real-life issues that men deal with." - Michael G.

"Thank God for you and the entire team for your great hospitality and a wonderful God honoring experience. We were truly blessed to be a part of what is doing.  All the men that came with me, about 20, are still talking about their experiences and just how much they enjoyed the ISI Conference. James L.

"I just wanted to express my appreciation to your team and to Immanuel Bible Church for hosting the WACMM conference this past weekend.  I felt the messages were very inspirational.  I especially enjoyed Stinson's individual seminar." - Steve M.

"Thanks for all your hard work! Last week’s event was a gift to the D.C. area." - Alex K.

"I really embrace all that WACMM does. It’s a great ministry – and really needed." - Pastor Dave

"I don't know where to begin, but WOW seems appropriate!...I am still getting great feedback on the different speakers and how incredible everyone thought things went." Pastor Rob

"I was a first time attender to the conference in Springfield and wanted to thank you and your team for an awesome job putting the program together.  Excellent speakers, great worship, and an awesome facility.  You can see God’s hand at work through your ministry". - Elder Rich

"The ISI was great. Thanks for all your hard work! Last week’s event was a gift to the D.C. area." - Mark

"Wow, I've gotten to the place where I love getting these monthly updates!  Super.
Enjoyed ISI ... brought two guys from DC ... ISI and these men were such a blessing together." Tom C.

"I went to an Iron sharpens Iron meeting a couple of years ago in Northern VA.  It was a blessing to be among so many brothers in Christ... It was part of the darkest days of my life as I walking through a divorce--the loss of our family home--the splitting apart of a family that was together for 25 years.  However, through His grace and mercy--and with the help of brothers in Christ that surrounded me--I made it through.  I am a changed man--a man that has been broken and put back together in another form--only by His redeeming hands. - Jeff H.

"What a conference!  My wife and 3 kids and my church are already reaping the blessings of yesterday. I am still on the mountain top... I did not want it to end - I wanted to build several tabernacles like the disciples!". - Larry R. 

"Our church is still on fire after the conference.  Thank you again for your professionalism and dedication to honoring God!  Continue the good work!" - Marshall J.

"I was blessed just to be a part of the work God is doing in and through each of you! I know our student assistants were impressed with your dedication to Christ and your down-to-earth personalities as they interacted with you. Our young people need to see real men and women in love with the Lord and living "normal" lives! - Jerry C.

"..everything went extremely well. Your team did an excellent job of hosting and facilitating. The Woodstream men were very servant minded and on point with their assistance. Kenny Luck's words are still resonating in my mind and Spirit....I was also pleasantly surprised at the number of men that attended the Great Dads presentation. Overall I have to give the total experience a grade of A and I look forward to fellowshippiing with WACCM again." - Ralph W.

"It was a great conference-well organized as usual.  You guys really do a wonderful job putting these conferences together." - Ray K.

"I had a great time and the guys I brought with me did, too." Christopher B..

"My Father and I really enjoyed the conference.  It was exciting, encouraging, and energizing." Maurice M.  
"Thanks so much for sharing.  This is fantastic.  I hope you don't mind that I share some of this with our Men's Ministries team. This is great.  Keep up the good work and really appreciate you keeping me on your mailing list." - Howard B.

"Kudos for another great e-newsletter.  I counted 10... TEN! items, all with very strong content. You have created a model that many can learn from." - Steve C.

"I have been using the WACMM website for ideas and resources.... I appreciate all that you and the leadership team at WACMM do for those of us in the trenches. The e-mails and the website are a big help...thanks for all you do."  David H.

"Your website (WACMM) is terrific!!  It always has such great information on it.  Thanks for your efforts...it gives me lots to work with as I continue to lead the men's group..."- Walter F.

"It [Fireproof for Men-only Seminar] is well conceived, professionally prepared and presented, and will drive home several spiritual lessons which are important for every Christian man...I highly recommend the program..." Barry

"... we rejoice in both the progress and the contribution you are making, as well as the men who in turn touch still others.  So, thanks for keeping us abreast of things and encouraging us to keep on keeping on."
Bill S. 

"WOW! If this [WACMM's ISI Conference] doesn't capture most men's attention, nothing will." - Chuck H.

"...the Courageous Seminar...very positive feedback from those who attended...each seem to have his session that he appreciated the most...most expressed the presentation was very well thought out and put together." John F.

"Nice email...I found it interesting, varied in content, and easy to read. Thanks for sharing with us here. It’s exciting to see what your ministry is doing!" - Jamie T.

"What a great encouragement your email is." - Steve G.

"Just a note of appreciation for your latest newsletter. It is a great source for info for men seeking to live a life in accordance with Scripture." - Ron F.

"Just want to say again I greatly respect & appreciate the assignment God has given you & the impact you are making in & through men." - Jeff P.