He was born and raised in North Carolina and turns 27 next week. He studied religion at Wake Forest University and has hosted a Youth for Christ Challenge golf tournament. His Twitter bio describes him as a "sinner loved by a Savior".

This summer he pulled off a significant victory in a major sporting event - of which he said, "I'd be stupid not to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, because it was tough out there and I was nervous, and I felt his presence all day," His pastor says of him, "He's got a passionate pursuit of Jesus going on; It's something that is really contagious. He steers conversations back to the Lord, back to Scripture, back to experiences that he's had with the Lord or that other people have had... He's not just a nominal Christian. He's truly got a life that wants to honor and serve Jesus."

Who is this man of God?

Answer: Webb Simpson (2012 U. S. Open Champion)

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Trivia Challenges from WACMM

Periodically we issue a trivia challenge to the thousands of men across the country who follow WACMM. The questions are about a relatively well known man who also is a Christian. Check out some of the popular past challenges below (we've included the answers).
He grew up in the Baptist church, attended seminary, and holds a black belt in karate. His first job after college was in a theme park managing a show with live animals playing musical instruments. He became the creative force behind several academy award winning and critically acclaimed movies. Recently he was the commencement speaker at Liberty University and the keynote speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast. 

He says of himself, "I'm a storyteller like Jesus." In one of his movies he quoted Job 39:19-24 in the opening scene HERE. In another film, he wrote what's become a classic speech about freedom HERE.  In yet significant film, he created this powerful scene of men in prayer HERE.

Of his faith, he has said this, "I am a Christian, no matter what else I do. I could change my name to something else, but I would not become someone else. My Christian identity doesn't depend on my earning the title; the start of my journey as a Christian is my certainty that I don't merit the love of God and I have it anyway-just as I am, without one plea.. I believe that the death of Jesus of Nazareth opened a door to love and life that are, quite literally, a union with God. I don't understand it, but Jesus didn't ask for my understanding. He just said "Follow me," gave up his life, and rose from the dead. So I try to follow."  

Who is this Brother in Christ?

Answer: Randall Wallace 

He was known as the "King of Cool" - a Hollywood icon who lived a high-octane life that often resembled his classic movies. Fame, fortune, alcohol and a failed marriage left him lost and empty. In his despair he attended a Billy Graham crusade where he gave his life to Christ. Later he met with Graham who shared several scriptures with him, including Titus 1:2, "in hope of eternal life, which God, who cannot lie, promised before the world began..." He asked for something to write down the verse, but Billy gave him his Bible instead.

Sometime later he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. After undergoing experimental cancer treatments, he died at the age of fifty... but that was not the end of him. On his death bed they found his Bible in his hands, turned to Titus 1:2, with his finger laid on top of that verse, his future sealed by God "who cannot lie".

Who was this brother in Christ?

Answer: Steve McQueen
He's been married to his first wife for 27 years and has four children, the oldest a former NFL player. He's the son of preacher and an active member of his Los Angeles church for 30 years. He reads the Bible everyday and is on his fourth time reading it cover to cover. He's said skill, connections, techniques won't get you through life but his Christian faith, not circumstances, determines his happiness. He's an Oscar winning superstar whose movies have grossed $3 billion worldwide. Near the end of his latest critically acclaimed movie, which is replete with biblical quotations and imagery, he has his character quoting the 2 Timothy 4:7 passage: "I have fought the good fight ... I have kept the faith."

Who is this man who has been called one of Hollywood's highest profile Christians?

Answer: Denzel Washington
n college he was a team captain, defensive back and wide receiver (was second in the nation in receptions), and an All-American team member. He's been called one of the most influential preachers of his time.

Who is he?

Answer: John MacArthur
Before Bill O'Reilly became a household name among TV news watchers, this man's stage name was "O'Reilly". He first appeared in an academy award winning movie that became a smash TV series in the seventies, whose finale became the most-watched episode in television history. He was the only actor in the movie asked to reprise his role in the TV series.

While dealing with a divorce, he lost his father. It was a time of depression and burnout but it forced him to face up to some critical questions. He recalled his father had told him if a person doesn't know the Bible he has no foundation in life. Over the next two years, he studied the Bible intensely and it changed his life - he was born again.

Who is this brother in Christ?

Answer: Gary Burghoff (read more HERE )