Men and Movies
by Dave Brown, WACMM Director and Pastor-at-Large

Movies matter. Movies matter especially to we men. Most of us like movies. In large extent, we're visual creatures and so much of what we learn and what impacts us are taken in visually through a myriad of images that bombard us. Movies tell us stories about adventure, battle, rescue, redemption and overcoming the odds. Every story told on the silver screen borrows its power to attract and impact us from the grand narrative of sacred Scripture. 
Film producers use the power of story to present a worldview that either leans into Christianity or twists and distorts the biblical worldview of what is good, true and beautiful. So discerning the worldview that is presented in every movie will determine whether we're paying to see and hear a pernicious lie or to encounter something that points us to the living God who has not left himself without witness (Acts 14:15-17), even in movies. We all need to learn to keep constant vigil and to learn spiritual discernment to detect what is of God or what is of the world, the flesh or the Enemy.
Here are some of our favorite movies that are worth a viewing. Folllow the links for reviews by Dr. Ted Baehr and Movie Guide.and some other Christian reviewers. Feel free to give us your thoughts and share your favorites HERE

1. Braveheart

2. Saving Private Ryan

3. We Were Soldiers

4. The Passion of the Christ

5. Band of Brothers

6. The Mission

7. Amazing Grace

8. Glory

9. Chariots of Fire

10. 42: The Legend of an American Hero

11. Courageous

12. The Last of the Mohicans

13. True Grit

14. Les Miserables 

15. End of the Spear

16. Gettysburg

17. The Ten Commandments

18. To End All Wars

19.  Cinderella Man

20. Gladiator

21. Saving Private Ryan

22. The Blind Side

23. Gods and Generals

24. Schindler's List

25. Ben Hur

26. Fireproof

27. Blackhawk Down

28. Hoosiers

29. Open Range

30. The Apostle

31. The Searchers

32. Sergeant York

33. Facing the Giants 

34. Patton

35. Field Dreams

36. Luther

37. Tombstone

38. The Book Of Eli

39. The Patriot

40. Remember the Titans

41. Amistad

42. The Grace Card

43. October Sky

44. The Alamo (2004)

45. Rudy

46. The Fighter

47. Seven Days at the Links of Utopia

48. Ben Hur

49. The Pursuit of Happyness 

50. Rocky Balboa

51. Shawshank Redemption

52. Shadowlands

53. A Man Called Peter 

54. Untouchables

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Several of my favorite movies were in your top fifty list. Another one I thought of is "Saints and Soldiers"  from 2003 which is a WWII movie based on true events. From what I remember there is very little profanity if any, a rarity for a modern day war flick. Another movie I enjoyed was "Hildago" especially the friendship forged between the main character and the Arab Sheik ( Omar Sharif ).


How could you forget about the most relentless father ever:  Taken starring Liam Neeson

Also, classic Clint Eastwood in the first “Dirty Harry”;  classic Spielberg “Jaws”;  for guys who love animation “The Incredibles”; for an honest look at the life of a great American, “King” starring Paul Winfield; still the best action film ever, “Die Hard” (although laced with profanity);  “Mission Impossible,” and the Bourne Trilogy.

Julius P.

I remember when I first saw "Silverado" on the screen.  I had been sure that the western was dead as a movie genre.  Incredible cast!  Of course the underdogs win. ALSO The "Natural" with Robert Redford.  Sort of Damn Yankees meets the Black Sox.  Redemption on the diamond.

Bruce N.

50 "Guy" Movies We Like....

From time to time WACMM highlights particular movies that speak to men. Often we give a heads up about movies in production or scheduled for release.that may resonate with many men because they present certain qualities and characteristics of authentic masculinity or they raise questions that men struggle with or try to avoid.