by Steve Sonderman, Top Gun Ministry

1.MEN NEED ACTION.  Men measure themselves by what they do.

2 .MEN NEED SAFETY.  Men by nature are independent.

3. MEN NEED TO BE CHALLENGED.  Men tend to view everything around them as something to be overcome and conquered.

4. MEN NEED TO GET TO THE “BOTTOM LINE.”  They want to move from theory to practical applications. They want to get right to the point.

5. MEN NEED TO “WIN.”  One of men’s greatest fears is that of failure.

6. MEN ARE GENERALLY EMOTIONALLY ISOLATED.  Men are afraid of four things; Fear, Failure, Friends, Feelings.

7. MEN TODAY NEED HEALING.  Many men have unhealed wounds. Some from fathers, mothers, wives, work. They need support groups where they feel free to share these wounds with others.

8. MEN NEED FREEDOM.  Men  do not like to be boxed in. They need freedom to try new things and take risks.

9. MEN DEFINE THEMSELVES BY WHAT THEY DO, WHO THEY KNOW, OR WHAT THEY OWN.  When a man walks into a room he usually shares his name and the next question is: “What do you do?” Men are living for the applause of others.

10. THE KEY ISSUE FOR MEN IS WORK.   Men spend 50-60 a week at work. They must be taught how to live out their faith in the marketplace today.