Real Men...
by Kenny Luck

Avoid getting caught in the “real men don’t...” trap. You know what we’re talking about. “Real men don’t show their emotions” or “Real men don’t care about the needs of others. They just get what they want.” But the truth is, “real men” do connect with other men because they see the awesome benefits of such fellowship. Real men know that to succeed they need others.

Jonathan, David’s best friend, knew that too. He understood that even though he was the king’s son and heir to the throne of Israel, he really needed a close friend. Jonathan probably saw in David the godly leadership qualities that were so lacking in his father, Saul. And in recognizing that God’s blessing had left the house of Saul, Jonathan was, in fact, acknowledging his allegiance to David.

Look closely at Jonathan. You’ll see a real man caring enough to connect.

From Being God's a Satisfied Single by Stephen Arterburn, Kenny Luck and
      Todd Wendorff, © 2003.