Did You Know that “Men’s Ministry” Is An Old Wineskin?
by Pat Morley

..in case you missed it, even the term “men’s ministry” is out of vogue. Now it’s “men’s discipleship” or “ministry to men.”

The world of men’s discipleship is hardly recognizable compared to the men’s movement 20 years ago when the PK revival swept America. Everything has changed: The leadership, vision, technologies, leadership training, men’s discipleship resources, ministries serving men, denominational men’s departments, interest levels in churches, the financial and intellectual resources devoted to men, books, and models have evolved rapidly.

Many, many major problems have been tackled and solved. For example, take the idea that men’s ministry is “men only.” Now the leadership of the men’s movement recognizes what should have been obvious all along: only a small percentage of the men in a church are ever going to join a men’s only initiative. So, if we want to disciple “every” man in the church, we have to stop beating men up because they don’t attend the “men only” events and disciple them where they are.

Don’t Get Left Behind
So what’s the risk? It’s that your men’s ministry (ministry to men) is an old wineskin. So don’t put your head in the sand. Don’t say, “How hard could it be?” or, “I can figure it out on my own.” That’s just arrogant. Given the legions of leaders who have tried and failed, it must be harder than many think!

So don’t get lost in the woods. Adjust as if it was your own business on the line. Figure out the new wineskins. Find proven, biblical methods and models. Stop wasting time trying to reinvent the wheel. There are experts who are 20 years ahead of you. Find them. Humble yourself. Ask for help. Men are perishing while you are wasting time trying to do your own thing..