Jesus Was No Wimp

He looked around at them angrily, because he was deeply disturbed by their hard hearts (Mark 3:5)

There is nothing "unmasculine" about the Jesus described in the Gospels. He was morally aggressive. He took on corrupt, evil men, such as Matthew and Zacchaeus, no one else wanted to face. Jesus hated injustice and evil. He never missed a chance to beat them at their own game.
The difference between Him, you and me? His aggressive impulses were all under His control, targeted at the right issues (or people), and always effective.

Does a man who organizes his life around Jesus bag his aggressive impulses? No. He's not afraid to be aggressive—in the right way, for the right things. At the same time, he can easily back off when the battle is inappropriate or silly.

Actually, he may become more aggressive. But he doesn't use his male energy to intimidate his wife or his children. He doesn't bully weaker people. Instead, he retargets his aggressive spirit toward things worth conquering. He learns how to express moral outrage at injustice, poverty, and abuse. He loves to bring out the best in other people. He loves to surprise children, the elderly, and disadvantaged people with a masculine strength that protects and encourages.

—Gordon MacDonald in New Man Magazine