“Gospel Centered Discipleship” by Jonathan Dodson
(quotes from Chapter 1 "Defining Discipleship"

Discipling men is a huge, often frustrating challenge. But discipleship is not a program, not a technique or methodology. Its a lifestyle of living in the power of the Gospel, learning about its freedom, truth and grace and procaliming it to others, believers and nonbelievers alike. That's why we highly recommend Jonathan Dobson's Gospel Centered Discipleship. Here are some excerpts that distinguish this outstanding resource:

“The attempt to clarify discipleship by separating it from evangelism actually muddies the waters.”

“The separation of evangelism from discipleship implies that “sharing the gospel” with non-Christians is an activity that is unnecessary with Christians. It intimates that the gospel doesn’t need to be shared with disciples. This dichotomy surfaces a false view of the gospel, namely that the gospel has the power to save but not to sanctify.”

“Christ-centered repentance and forgiveness is something to be heard and applied, not just once, but for the entirety of a disciple’s life.”

“The gospel isn’t just for evangelism, the initial making of disciples. It is also for discipleship, the continual making of disciples. Jesus’s view of discipleship is radically gospel centered. The gospel is for not-yet disciples and already disciples.”

“Jesus’s Commission is not mission centered but gospel centered.”

“Christians who internalize the gospel of grace more and more are compelled to spread the gospel more and more. The problem, however, is that very often the gospel we preach and teach is malnourished. In evangelism, the gospel is frequently reduced to a spiritual ticket to guarantee a reservation in heaven. This view of the gospel makes joining the mission of God or submitting to Jesus Christ as Lord optional. It teaches us that the gospel is all we need to cash in the ticket when death comes knocking at our door.”

“A disciple of Jesus, then, is someone who learns the gospel, relates in the gospel, and communicates the gospel. In short, disciples are gospel centered.