By flying together in a V-formation a flock of geese adds at least 71% more flying range than if each bird were flying on it's own. By flapping it's wings each bird creates an updraft that lifts the entire flock. Similarly, a champion draft horse can pull a sled weighing 4,500 pounds but when teamed with another horse together they'll pull 12,000 pounds. You may be thinking, "That's kinda interesting but what does that have to do with me." We'll the same lesson applies to we men - together is better, especially when hardship presses in on us, when life drags us down or when there's a tough pull ahead. The strength and encouragement of two or more men can make you fly higher and longer and pull bigger loads and be more of the man God means you to be. Together is indeed better!
Geese, Horses and Men Alive Together
Dave Brown - WACMM Director
In the Summer of 2002 the nation was riveted on what the media called "The Miracle at Quecreek." For three days nine men were trapped 240 feet underground in a water-filled mine shaft. Early on they decided they were either going to live or die together. Rescued miner Harry Mayhugh later recounted, "Everybody had strong moments. But any certain time maybe one guy got down, the rest pulled together. And then that guy would get back up, and maybe someone else would feel a little weaker, but it was a team effort. That's the only way it could have been." They faced incredibly hostile conditions together -and they all came out alive together. That's what we also need to understand. We're all in this together and we need other guys pulling for us. That's what the WACMM is about - doing together what can't do alone!